::Customized software solutions and project management across different industries ::Dedication to doing things optimally!  ::Offering a broad skillset to cover a large pool of applications ::Working with companies in the automotive, telecom, semiconductor, IT and civil engineering sectors

About Us

We are dedicated to the optimal management of each project, to the optimal programming of each software module, and finally to the definition of optimal processes.

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We take over development and integration projects and cover a large pool of applications.

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We are in the IT business and have cooperated with automotive, telecom, semiconductor, bioengineering, IT and civil engineering multinational companies.

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PROcess, PROject, PROgramming done optimally!

You have that great idea! But do not have the resources to bring it to life. No matter if it is about a product, a project or a process, partner with PROPTIMALITY and it will get done! Optimally!

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Another successful year is off
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